Yinka Ayefele to release new album in January 2015

Yinka Ayefele is putting finishing touches to his new soon-to-be-released album.

The popular musician is known for dropping an album every year and this year won’t be different as he has concluded work on his new album set to drop in January 2015.

In a recent chat, the singer, who recently lost his 76 years old dad on Sunday October 12, 29014, said: ‘I don’t have a title yet maybe you are going to give me a title for it (laughs). It’s a little bit different from the previous one. It is heavily percussive as well, but it’s filled with messages. It’s Tungba stuff, but the lyrics are what I really worked on.’

The album launch will hold on December 8, 2014 but because of his father’s funeral, he said the album will be released officially in January 2015.

Some of his popular albums include Bitter Experience, Sweet Experience, Fulfilment and several others.

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