Woman Forced To Have S3x With Dead Husband (See Photos)

A bizarre incident took place earlier this year in
Zimbabwe, where a woman could not neglect the last wish
of her late husband. According to India Today, one Sarah
Simirayi of Svisvi was forced to have s.ex with her
estranged husband… in his coffin… after death… before
his burial.
Sarah left her husband for a new lover, however some time
later she moved back to her hometown after having broken
up with the man. Soon after her return, her estranged
husband Nunurayi died at the age of 68.
He put his last will in writing. In a note, which he asked to
be read at the funeral, the man said that he died because of
being heartbroken over missing her. And asked Sarah to
fulfill his last wish and have s ex with him before the
It was reported that first she refused to do that but then
succumbed to pressure and accepted the task, as requested
by the relatives. One of the family members disclosed that
they had opened the coffin, after which the woman
climbed on top of her late husband and had s ex with his
body. Relatives say the dead man was able to perform
“quite satisfactorily”, calling it “angel lust.”

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