UNN Twerking Saga: Obi Mirabel’s Family Takes Action, Deletes Instagram Account

Obi Mirabel’s family has restricted her from finishing her first semester exams while mandating her to delete her Instagram account.Myschoolnews reporting.

The famous University of Nigeria Nsukka student, Obi Mirabel whose viral video of twerking naked trended on social media few weeks ago has been mandated by her family to leave her on going first semester exams and return home.

Mike, a close friend and classmate to Mirabel, disclosed this while in a discussion with my myschoolnews.

He said “Her Family members has asked her to leave her first semester exams and return back home and Mirabel herself told me that she knew that once she goes home she won’t be able to return to school ever again”

Myschoolnews also noticed that Mirabel has deactivated her Instagram account which speedily rose from zero followers to 3,000 followers and thousands of view on her videos after the twerking saga.

Speaking to Mike about the account deactivation, he revealed that Obi Mirabel deactivated the account in obedience to her elder sisters order.

Meanwhile the reason for Mirabel twerking naked has not been made known as her friends said “no comment” when asked if Mirabel is financially taken care of by her family.

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