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The Uniqueness of Youthfulness by Journalist Emeka Ogwu

The youthful age is the most exciting, active , dynamic period of one’s life. This stage of life is characterized by physical strength , dreams of a great future , a quest for adventure and acquisition of knowledge and experience. At this stage ,one can achieve the best in life. The average youth is full of hopes and dreams . They have want to try new things, discover and create a way, these are adventurous to them because this penchant to discover, create and try new things can be channelled towards productivity.

Besides some great innovations in the world today were pioneered by young people who were curious passionate and adventurous; young men and women who Jared to dream.
If the youth are well guided and mentored, they will discover their potentials towards problem solving. They will not only be useful to themselves and their families, they will also be making substantial inputs to national development.
In recent times, so many discoveries and invention have been made by young minds. 16 year old in less than 30 minutes compared to the current method that takes up to twelve hours to get result. Cancer survivor, Kylie Simonds designed a stylish backpack . 26 year old jornalist Emeka Ogwu moved the motion for ikorodu television station which he single handedly sponsored. It was aired as a program on Muhri International Television (M.I.TV). Four Nigerian high school students all under age 15years, devised a “urine – powered” generator that can supply 6hours of uninterrupted electricity with one litre of processed Urine. Having studied and shown themselves approved and deserving of no shame, three scholars from insurance, Business Administration and pharmacy departments emerged as the overall best graduating students of the university of Lagos (UNILAG) with a cumulative Grade point Average ( C•G•P•A ) of 4•96 each are the highest – flying students for the 2017/2018 convocation ceremonies. Four undergraduate students of faculty of engineering university of Lagos ( UNILAG ) invented a robot and was awarded at the unilag maiden edition of the Robotics competition. These are ingenious minds, And they are few of the countless numbers of dynamic youths in our generation. Youth are unilag. Chukwu princess an undergraduate student of faculty of estate management at university of Lagos ( UNILAG) became the public relation officer (P•R•O) of Queen Amina Hostel.
Nevertheless youths should constantly be reminded to strive to be unique, outstanding and be encouraged to be their best before this stage of their lives passes by .

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