The restaurant where Mandela’s grandson allegedly raped a girl closes down due to low patronage

Mama’s Shebeen, the restaurant where Mandela’s grandson allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl has closed, News24 reports.
“Since the alleged rape, we haven’t recovered. So as a result we have been struggling to sustain the place, and now 20 people are jobless,” the owner Yaw Dwomoh said.   
The restaurant in Greenside, Johannesburg, closed on December 9. Before the incident the restaurant made R274,000 a month. This subsequently dropped to R158,000 a month.  

     “It has been stressful. My business has taken a heavy toll. The incident did not happen in my restaurant and both the victim and the accused did not kiss or do anything in my restaurant,” Dwomoh added. 

According to News 24, residents of the area came down hard on him and compromised his business on social media.
     “The guy who saw them kissing saw them at the back yard of a cottage behind my restaurant, and now innocent people have to bear the brunt of two people’s irresponsible selfish behaviour. It’s really unfair. No one wanted to associate with a place that has made headlines in the media. There is no way we were going to survive,” he said.  

The former president’s 24-year-old grandson allegedly raped the teenager on August 7. He was granted R7 000 bail after spending more than a week in jail. He was back in court today, December 14. The State asked for the matter to be postponed for further investigation because of an outstanding statement from a witness.

Magistrate Hasna Habib said she was concerned that the matter was taking so long and the constant adjournments were not in the interest  of justice.
She said the witness have to be assessed in the next month and then set the trial for March 9, 2016 with the accused to remain out on bail until then.

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