Tanzanian Supermodel Millen Magese Shares Story of Endometriosis Surgery, Retrieves 6 Eggs


One of Africa’s most celebrated supermodels Millen Magese is sharing her story on a successful endometriosis surgery.

The Tanzanian model has been vocal about her battle with the condition and infertility. But four (4) weeks ago, she had a surgery to retrieve her eggs and the doctors were able to successful retrieve six (6) eggs.

Read her post she shared on Instagram;

““Late post …. IAM recovered now ….. This was done 4 weeks ago .thank you all for prayers . #MyjourneyWithEndometriosus /infertility.Till we find Cure ,we will #SpeakOut ,May Our Voices be heard and acknowledged・・・DONT LOOSE HOPE ,everything is possible in God’s plan.“

According to Endometriosis Africa, “After a very painful and tedious processes of injections and surgeries, Millen Magese’s egg retrieval journey has yielded positive results. 6 eggs have been retrieved and all are good to be used. Congratulations! The journey continues and hope springs eternal. Your success is another triumph for all of us!”

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