SHOCKING: TB Joshua Predicts A New Tragedy!

During one of the live Sunday Services at the
SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua predicted another
plane crash. He warned the nation of
Indonesia about an upcoming disaster.
In a fresh video, uploaded on YouTube on the
same day as AirAsia flight with 162 people on
board went missing, T.B. Joshua prophesies
the tragedy. He claimes that they
(Indonesians) need to look into the
geographical atmosphere. Later he revealed
that he saw a crash that would cost many
His exact words were:
“I have a message for the nation,
Indonesia. This country, Indonesia – I
don’t know what is happening. They
should pray for Indonesia. That is,
the nation Indonesia. When it comes
to this disaster issue, I don’t want to
mention it. It looks so nasty to me to
mention – a situation where it will
cost a lot of lives, suddenly. This is a
crash. Why should this continue to
happen there? I think there is a
nature – a geographical atmosphere.
There is something there that they
should look into.”
An AirAsia passenger jet, Airbus 320-200
(flight QZ 8501) carrying 162 people lost
contact with Indonesian air traffic control in
the morning of December 28, 2014, Sunday.
Despite search and rescue operation has
started almost immediately, there is still no
trace of the missing aircraft.
Watch the video of the prophecy below:
TB Joshua is well known for his predictions.
He claims he warned Nigerians about the
bomb blast which occurred at a bus park at
Nyanya, Abuja, and claimed over 71 lives
leaving at least 124 injured.
In April 2014, Prophet TB Joshua said he had
a vision concerning the Chibok school girls
abducted by the Boko Haram sect that God
told him the girls will be released.
The Nigerian prophet also claimed he had
seen the “Breaking News” about the hijacker,
the militant capturing the plane.
On Sunday, the 28th of July, 2013 TB Joshua
warned Asia of an incident with a large
aircraft. He mentioned that more than 200
persons would die. Joshua didn’t name the
country, he just stated that it would be Asia.
This prophecy came true on March 8, 2014,
when Malaysian airlines flight MH370
disappeared from radars and was diverted.
239 people, as well as debris and fragments,
remain unaccounted for.

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