Shirtless Beach Photo: Reno Omokri Replies His Critics

You think you have a culture? I feel sorry for you. Research what I am about to say and if I am lying, May God punish me: You have a culture that predates the introduction of Islam into the Hausa communities. You also have a culture that predates the Trans-Saharan slave trade. You have forgotten it. Your fore fathers established the Nok civilisation 1000 years before Christ was born, but you have no knowledge of that.

There are Hausa names that are not Arabic. There are Hausa culture that is not Islamic. You do not have to abandon your culture to be true Muslims. You can be a Muslim and still retain your indigenous culture. Many times you laugh at Southerners. Unknown to you, you lost your own culture long ago.

Look at you now insisting that covering of the entire body is our culture. No it is not. It is Arabic/Islamic culture. In fact, before the advent of White European colonialists, our indigenous people wore loin cloths that covered only the waist, while the top of the body was completely bare.

And if you read John 13:4, you will see thst Christ, Who your religion venerates, dressed exactly as I am dressed here in that verse.

Read your quote by Bob Marley, and sleep on it. I am a scholar. I know more about Fulani and Hausa culture than you. I spent time in 2000 embedded in Nguroje, in the Sardauna Local Government Area of Mambilla plateau of Taraba state, with the Fulani community there. They are the most beautiful species of human beings on planet Earth. And unlike you, they kept their original Fulatanci culture and Pulaako principles.

Most of what you think you know of your ‘culture’ is borrowed Islamic/Arabic culture. In fact, borrowed is a wrong word. It was FORCED on you. Is Aliko Dangote not a Muslim like you? Have you not seen his photo on a boat in America?

Go to the United Arab Emirates. They were Muslims before Islam got to Sub Saharan Africa. Today, their women go to the beach with bikinis and their men go with shorts. Is their Islam less than the Islam practiced in Sub Saharan Africa?

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