Sermon: Watch Over That White Linen


    I t is a common saying among a tribal people of the West African coast that “he that is arrayed in a white apparel should be careful to avoid walking in miry, dusty roads lest he has mud splashed upon him and his clothe be stained, and spoils his parade.” A little stain of sin could spoil and distort the testimony of good living established over many years.

    Our text emphasizes how sin can destroy the testimony of the righteous. It is wisdom on the part of the believer to remain faithful and steadfast in his relationship with God. Backsliding brings reproach, shame and dishonour.

    The believer has a great deal of reputation to lose. Therefore, those who follow the Lord need to walk carefully to abstain from all appearances of evil so that their testimonies will remain credible and untarnished. The sinner has no testimony which he may lose. Those in dark clothing are not so much liable to apparent stains and spots like those in white, sparkling clothing. The deeper we go in our relationship with God, the greater harm is done to our testimony and conscience by any act of sin or disposition to it. A little sin may cast so great a dark shadow over a previously great and upright living.

    As we go out today, we must depend upon Him to help us attain unto the high moral standard which He has set for us in His word. We must be free from lust and never yield ourselves to evil. We must avoid situations that could lead to compromise. In the midst of extreme apathy to the gospel message and immorality that pervades our society today, we must still do our best to preach to every creature. “And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment spoiled by the flesh (Jude 23).

    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Take heed to your life and Christian profession.

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