Sermon: God’s Mercy

JEREMIAH 30:15-24

James Smith said: “There is mercy with the Lord; this should encourage the miserable to approach Him; this informs the fearful that they need bring nothing to induce Him to bless them; this calls upon backsliders to return to Him; and this is calculated to cheer the tried Christian, under all his troubles and distresses. Remember, mercy is like God, it is infinite and eternal. Mercy is always on the throne. Mercy may be obtained by any sinner.”

That was the mercy God showed upon the Israelites, who sinned much to serve more than enough punishment from God. Though they suffered justly and could not help themselves, the Lord, from this passage, decided to deliver them and punish their oppressors, who had placed them in perpetual bondage and oppression. As the afflictions and distresses of the Jewish nation were expressed by sickness, wounds, and bruises, so their prosperity, both spiritual and temporal, would be manifested through sound health. God promised them that the city and temple, which were in ruins, would be rebuilt, while their sacred feasts would be restored. 

He equally promised them that they would multiply and become illustrious. God also assured them that He would remember the covenant which He made to their fathers. The message is equally for us today. Christ, through His authoritative pleadings at the throne, will remember us and plead our cause. With His dominion over principalities and powers, all those who trust in Him will get their benefits. He is the very present Help at the hour of need; only He can deliver from death and the power of the grave.
Like the backslidden and captive Israel in our passage, we need the Saviour today. We need someone who can be our deliverer, someone who has the power to save us from captivity to sin and Satan, and manifest the power of the Almighty in our lives and our world.

Thought for the day: Our God is a God of mercy.

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