SEE this App That Allows Your Parents To Lock Your Phone If You Ignore Them

    ABC News is reporting on the app, called “Ignore No More,” which allows parents to lock their children’s phones when they don’t receive a swift reply.
    The app – which needs to be downloaded onto both kids and parent’s devices in order to work – is currently only available for Androids on Google Play, so iPhone users can breathe a sigh of relief – for now.

    Don’t let your phone out of your sight, because once that app’s on it, your parents can shut down all your calls, texts, Internet and games if you try giving them the cellular slip. Your phone will remain bricked (with the option to reach only pre-approved contacts) until you call your parents and they enter an unlock code.

    There are so many ways this can backfire. It’d be bad enough to have your parents commanding your communicado, but what if a jealous ex or controlling friend gets their hands on your phone and installs the app? We can imagine a million different ways the scenario could spin out of control.
    So far, it’s “virtually impossible” to remove the program from your phone once it’s there, but it’s only a matter of time before techno-savvy sleuths find a way to crack “Ignore No More.” Until then – what would you do if your parents strapped you with this app?

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