See Details Of Beef Between Mr Eazi & Tekno

In the past 730 days we have witnessed Nigerian pop music ascend to massive heights of global accolades and this has been attainable only through the hard work and consistency of Nigerian musicians.

It is however impossible to talk about the diversity that is enjoyed in contemporary Nigerian music without appropriating honours to Tekno and Mr Eazi.

These two have independently represented Nigeria on various levels and raised the bar amongst their contemporaries.

Even though the rivalry between them can almost go unnoticed, series of events have led us to suspect that there is possible schism between these two.

In the first week of January 2017, Mr Eazi and Tekno linked up for their first joint studio session and shared a video on Instagram;

It was an absolute delight and fans couldn’t wait to behold the result of their alliance which eventually birthed the 10th track on Mr Eazi’s Accra to Lagos Mixtape ‘Short Skirt’.

Nearly a week after their studio session, Mr Eazi went on his infamous Twitter rant about how Nigerian music is greatly influenced by Ghanian music.

Now it is safe to say that Mr Eazi’s tweet might have provoked Tekno because in July 2016, Tekno had released the biggest record of his career Pana, and it possessed elements of the Ghanaian influence that Mr Eazi had spoken about.

A month after Eazi’s twitter blow out, Davido released his debut single for 2017 – IF which was produced by the golden boy Tekno.

The instrumental progressions of IF also explored the very Ghanaian sound that Mr Eazi had tweeted about but both Tekno and Davido called it the ‘Pon Pon’ sound and insisted that the song was inspired by Duncan Mighty.

‘IF’ was inspired by Duncan mighty… don’t mind a remix later on with him.

You can say that Mr Eazi must have felt discredited because his Banku identity now has a variant and no credits were appropriated to him.

On the 9th of April, Tekno tweeted that him, Davido and Wizkid are the rulers of the music game. Was that a shot at Mr Eazi off the heels of his great 2016 run till date? Possibly.

Shortly after, Eazi released the visuals to Short Skirt and – you guessed it- Tekno was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps the most telling is Eazi’s latest shot at Nigerian musicians using his formula. It’s not out of order to assume that Tekno was in the long list of people he was talking about.

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