Saskay: I Feel Uncomfortable That Yousef Likes Me

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Saskay, has revealed that she feels uncomfortable knowing that Yousef and Jaypaul like her.

She said this during her Diary Session with Big Brother on Tuesday, the day ten of the show.

She told Big Brother that she knew they liked her during the Truth or Dare game they played last night.

“Yesterday, during the Truth or Dare game, Yousef and Jaypaul admitting to liking me is making me feel very very uncomfortable.

“It’s putting me on the spot. I had zero plans for any sort of relationship or situationship in the house and I’m finding it hard thinking of how to handle it right now.

“It’s a very very bad spot for me and I’m not yet sure of what to do. But hopefully I’ll find a way out of it but it’s sweet, very sweet. But I’m very uncomfortable about it.”

Recall that Saskay had earlier admitted that she is attracted to Yousef during the Diary Session last week.

With this new revelation, fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

A tweep, @mozvinbami said, “But wait Saskay, Last week you were not happy no guy likes you, but this one you are saying now.”

Another tweep, @realitytving, wrote, “Saskay says she feels bad that she might break their heart as she might still be in a relationship outside.”

“Saskay once complained about no one getting close to her in the house and now she has Yousef and Jaypaul crushing on her and still saying it’s uncomfortable for her,”@dammiedammie35 said.

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