Rosie Afuwape: I Didn’t Abort Kachi’s Baby, I Had A Miscarriage

Ultimate Love star Rosie Afuwape has said that she had a miscarriage in September, Igbere TV reports.

The 36-year-old revealed this in a Youtube video on Saturday.

While explaining what her relationship with Kachi has been like, Rosie said he hit her hand on the wall three times.

“I walked towards the car, I called the make-up artiste to give me pad that is like I’ve started my period. She gave me and I went to the toilet to put it in,” she said.

” I drove home late and my dad was upset. The following day was the worse day of my life. I was bleeding, I called Kachi on a video call and I told him I was bleeding and I said you have finished me, he kept saying sorry.

“So at some point I dropped the phone because the bleeding was pretty much. I went to the toilet and he thought I had fainted do he called my mum.

“Jeremy came during our call and he kept saying mummy what is this, I said it’s nothing. I was in pain, I was pushing and things were coming out and that’s how I had a miscarriage.”

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