President Jonathan’s Message To The Nation As We Celebrate Christmas

Dear Compatriots,
I greet and felicitate with you all once again
as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and
Saviour, Jesus Christ.
I join all of our Christian compatriots in giving
thanks to God Almighty for the divine gift of
Jesus Christ the Messiah whose earthly
incarnation we commemorate today.
As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who
the Prophet Isaiah heralded as the Prince of
Peace and Wonderful Counselor, I believe it is
very appropriate that we all, Christians and
non-Christians alike, reflect more deeply on
the virtues and ideals which the Messiah
espoused during his earthly mission.
To my mind, there can be no doubt that the
greater internalization of the virtues of love
for our fellowmen, tolerance, Godliness,
honesty, fairness to others, selflessness, and
peaceful co-existence with others, by all adult
Nigerians, and the inculcation of the same in
our youth, will definitely help our dear nation
to overcome most of its present challenges.
Peace and love for others, especially, were a
constant refrain in the Messiah’s teachings
and admonitions to mankind.
Therefore, as we celebrate his birth, I urge all
Nigerians to offer special prayers for a greater
manifestation of divine peace in our country
and the vanquishing of all demons of hatred,
divisiveness and disunity in our midst.
As we celebrate Christmas, let us also
remember and offer special prayers for all of
our countrymen, women and children who
have suffered and continue to suffer untold
hardship, deprivation and death at the hands
of terrorists and insurgents.
Let us also continue to pray for our gallant
soldiers and security agents who remain at
the forefront of the national effort to
overcome terrorism and violent extremism,
even as the rest of the nation celebrates
Christmas and the coming New Year.
In this season of goodwill, I urge all patriotic
Nigerians to rededicate themselves to doing
all within their powers to support the brave
men and women of our armed forces in the
ongoing war against terrorism, and also
support the Federal Government’s efforts to
provide more succour to the hapless victims
of terrorist atrocities.
The Victims’ Support Fund which we have
established to raise additional funds to assist
our compatriots who have been adversely
affected by continuing insecurity in parts of
our country remains active.
I call on all individuals and corporate
organisations who have not yet done so, to
donate more generously to the Fund which is
being efficaciously deployed to ease the
sufferings of victims of terrorist violence in
the country.
Dear Compatriots, we are also celebrating this
Christmas against the background of
preparations for next year’s general elections.
I seize this opportunity to reassure the nation
that my administration will give the
Independent National Electoral Commission
(INEC) all necessary support to ensure that it
delivers very free, fair, credible and
acceptable elections in 2015.
National security agencies will also be given
all necessary support to enhance their ability
to ensure that the elections which should
strengthen democracy in our country are
peaceful and violence free.
I urge our political class to be law- abiding
and place the greater interests of our nation
above all personal or sectional interests in the
countdown to the elections.
Let us all be more statesman-like, conduct
issues-based campaigns, and eschew the
promotion of falsehood, division and hatred of
others as we seek the votes of our
countrymen in what should be a peaceful
competition among contending points of view
for the progress and development of our dear
I remain convinced that God Almighty is still
with us as a nation even in the midst of our
current challenges which we shall surely
overcome with greater unity of purpose,
dedication, commitment and perseverance.
Let this year’s celebration of the birth of
Christ the Messiah rekindle, strengthen and
reaffirm our faith in our national ability to
overcome all challenges, with God on our
I wish you all very happy Christmas

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