Open Letter To Jhybo – From A Concerned Fan


First of all, I want to congratulate you for your new hit LOMO.

I checked most of nigeria music Award Headies,Channel 0,NMVA etc nominees list and found out that you have no nomination in any category in records. This makes me sad actually as I feel you should have like 3 nominations at least in 2014 Headies, too much? I don’t think so

Well, the reasons I think these nominations and awards are not coming are:

Firstly, maybe you’re not being lucky enough as we can see the talent in you but recognition are not coming as they should be.

Secondly, the low budget videos you’ve been shooting take a look at Anyanju video the video budget is far from correct. We have seen video of 100k with good effect good budget played multiple time on soundcity. We all know the expense is from your label. At the same time, anything worth doing is worth doing well as the saying goes. Your video is your work; they should try to put more efforts in making them worth watching.

While I don’t mean to bring back old wounds, as we all know you’ve changed your label to #LIMA but the time spent with Bay production was the best because that was the time you made #Run dia mouth which brought you to the scene but you and your former management killed the spirit because that was the right time to win all the heart of music lovers but unfortunately they wasn’t good promotion.

Please Jhybo this 2015 we don’t need those weak punchlines, rapper ti po ju they all spliting hard CDQ,XP,BASEONE new rapper ain’t taking it easy.

Improve on your punchlines stop working alone on a hit work with a wellknown rapper VEC and Alaga Ibile same hit walahi the music go blow pass Boko.

Thirdly, you need good management to promote your songs well with good budget of video, they should disturb the social networks for you, and it has been so obvious you are dead on social media. People should always hear about you. #HYPE is allowed

Finally, we need more of the street anthem songs. Since the release of ‘run dia mouth’ the street has been clamoring for new hit songs with anthems. We know it’s in you as the recently released ‘LOMO’, but we need more of it.

Though I’m not a music critic, but as you are one of my favourite artiste, I hope you take one or two of these few advise. I want to see you soar like an eagle in the music industry.

This Year Headies you going home with atleast 2 Awards, Its 100% Possible, You can do it.

Thank you Jhybo (Rap Woli) Odun yi ni

From:- @IamWFoluwajay

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