Buhari ended Maitatsine and will thus end Boko
Haram. Really?
Maitatsine crisis took place between 1980 and
1982. It started and ended with the Shagari
Buhari will end Boko Haram within one month of
assuming Presidency. Will he simply say my boys,
I’ve assumed duty. It’s time to lay down hands as
our aim has been accomplished or what measure
has he ever told us, will he use that the present
government has not used? Buhari as a former
military ruler has what it takes to end insurgency.
Counter-Insurgency was never in the military
curriculum when Buhari was in the Army, so he’s
ignorant of what is called insurgency. It was only
introduced by Rtd Brigadier Obene when he
became Commandant of the AFCSC Jaji, long after
Buhari started enjoying his retirement benefit.
Also, on Tuesday, his Running mate was asked on
Channels TV how they will end insurgency and his
reply is, “we will stop politicizing insurgency as
PDP is doing and carry all Nigerians along”! Also,
Buhari once called government’s clampdown on
insurgency as a war against the innocent people
in the North. So, how will he crack the camp of
his innocent men? There was no insurgency
during Buhari’s time because of good
governance. There was no September 11 attacks
during that period and only Nostradamus ever
thought the U.S and indeed the twin-towers in
New York could ever come under terror attack,
not because of good governance, but because
such terrorism didn’t exist then.
The Army is not able to fight insurgency because
the Goodluck administration is not buying
weapons for them due to corruption. The last
time the military’s armoury was overhauled was
during the Shagari regime. Subsequent military
government from Buhari to Abubakar denied the
military of needed weapons to weaken the
propensity for coups. It is the Jonathan
government that has gone back to re- arming the
military, which had been suspended since
Shagari’s time. The Army should have wiped off
insurgency since, but due to lack of political will.
With all of its political will, it took Britain 28 years
to wipe off its own insurgency and that is globally
acclaimed as the most successful war against
insurgency so far. Some far more equipped
militaries in the world have been battling
insurgents for up to 40-50 years. Are all those
also due to lack of political will?
Buhari built all the country’s refineries when in
Power. Buhari was in power from December 1983-
August 1985. The last I checked, no single
refinery was built in Nigeria during that period.
Buhari fought corruption. How? By jailing
Ambrose Alli who could not afford to build a house
as a Governor to 210 years imprisonment? By
jailing Vice-
President Ekwueme in Kirikiri without any
conviction, while leaving President Shagari in a
cozy house arrest? Which anti-corruption agency
did he set up and how was it empowered to fight
corruption. Yes he fought indiscipline on the
roads by setting up the WAI Brigade; a militarized
volunteer scheme that engaged in jungle justice
by trampling on human rights with impunity?
However, it was later regimes that formed WAI-C
to add anti-corruption to the fight.
How many people did Buhari ever get a
conviction for in a court of law or will he again set
up military tribunals to sentence people to
hundreds of years in prison without fair trial?
Buhari will jail all corrupt politicians. Is it with
military fiat or decrees that will not pass through
the National Assembly, or will he sack all judges
and lawyers at a go so that they will stop delaying
trial of suspected corrupt politicians? Buhari is not
corrupt. Where is our $2.8billion missing NNPC
fund? What does accessory means? Why is he
gallivanting with the most corrupt elements in
the political field today? Jonathan’s government is
the most corrupt in the history of Nigeria? Did the
government bribe Transparency organization to
deny Nigeria its former position as most corrupt
nation and ‘unjustly relegate’ her to number 39
among corrupt countries? What of the foreign
firms now flooding Nigeria to make her emerge as
the number one in the area of direct foreign
investments into Africa in 2014 due to what they
called improved transparency in doing business?
Only corrupt people will vote for Jonathan. Who
will the likes of Atiku Abubakar and co vote for?
Only corrupt politicians are afraid of Buhari. Why
did corrupt and disgruntled elements in PDP
move to join forces with their co-collaborators in
APC and who was the one that said towards the
end of December that he will not probe any act of
corruption that took place before he assumes
duties, thus shielding all the looters that ran to
the APC? Till today, we’ve not heard of any
corrupt politician funding Jonathan’s campaign.
However, someone on whose neck still hangs
several corruption charges donated #500million,
an aircraft and 12 Jeeps to the Buhari campaign.
Buhari will eradicate unemployment. Last year
alone, 1.3m jobs were created by the present
government through various intervention
programmes. Buhari only yesterday at his
campaign promised to create 3million jobs in 4
years, is that a forward march or backward
movement? His Vice said they will create 20,000
jobs in each State. Guess they got their
mathematics wrong or don’t know the magnitude
of the unemployment problem. Buhari will give us
uninterrupted power supply.
Professor Osinbajo was asked on Channels TV on
Tuesday night the target of when they will
provide constant power, seeing that even Late
Bola Ige could not fulfill the target and his reply
was “we don’t know when it will be possible, but
we will ensure we fully sell off PHCN as the
present government only did it partially. Asked if
privatization of PCCN was in the right direction, he
said “YES!” Jonathan promised us uninterrupted
power supply
but failed. NO! He promised STABLE power supply
and despite the huge influx of investments, the
power supply has not only been stable, but is
gradually improving. From independence till
2011, the country could only boast of about
3,500MW, but within 3 years, we have moved to
the threshold of 5,000MW, the highest in the
country’s history!
These are not all!
Nigerians shine your eyes!

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