Mimiko Speaks On Mysterious Disease Discovered In Ondo |Must Read

Olusegun Mimiko, Ondo state governor, has disclosed that the symptoms observed in Ode-Irele, where a strange disease has broken out, bear no resemblance to those associated with Ebola or any known epidemic disease.

Channels TV reports that Mimiko made the statement during a statewide broadcast on the strange ailment, which has killed 27 people in Ondo state.

The government has started investigations in conjunction with development partners, the World Health Organisation. According to the report sent to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, there are no new cases of the ailment in the last 48 hours and none in the hospital.

Mimiko said that trained volunteers for active surveillance and case management have been deployed, while advocacy and sensitization efforts are ongoing in print and on electronic media. He further added that the final laboratory results of cerebro spinal fluid, blood and urine specimens of victims taken for examination are being awaited as this would help in surmounting the challenge as soon as possible.

The governor called on the people of the state to adhere to strict demands of hygiene such as regular washing of hands and covering of mouths while sneezing.

Residents of Ode-Irele GA disclosed that the ailment had appeared in the area three days ago. While health experts still cannot find out the cause of the disease, those affected pass away within one day after developing the symptoms. The neurologic clinical symptoms include blindness, and loss of consciousness.

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