Michael Jackson Cleared Of All 10 Cases Of Child Abuse & Molestation

In a new twist that shock the world, Evan Chandler who was the father of Jordan Chandler was caught bragging about a plan to extort Michael Jackson with allegations for money.

Micheal Jackson faced a 10 year investigation, a full trial with a jury, a full investigation of his home & photographs of his naked body..
200 witnesses, 2 jurisdictions, 30 interviewed children, & still there was not one bit of evidence found suggesting guilt.

The prosecution in the Michael Jackson trial were so unethical they named Macaulay Culkin as a “victim” without even asking him about it first. Here is his testimony

The latest development has led to calls by many for the makers of the movie ‘leaving Neverland’ to be sued. Meanwhile the late Pop star has been cleared of all 10 cases of child molestation and abuse.

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