Lucas Hernández Sentenced To Prison For Disobeying A Judge

Bayern Munich and France defender Lucas Hernández has been ordered to report to prison by a court in Madrid. The former Atlético Madrid player, who was part of the UEFA Nations League-winning Les Bleus side that beat Spain on Sunday evening, has been instructed to attend a court hearing in the Spanish capital on 19 October in person, “in order to be personally requested to voluntarily enter the penitentiary centre of his choice within ten days.”

Hernández is facing the court hearing due to events that took place on the 3rd of February 2017, when the player was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his then girlfriend, Amelia de la Osa Lorente in the middle of the street. Both Hernández and De la Osa were sentenced in June 2017 to 31 hours of community service, fined, and handed a restraining order preventing the pair from meeting, communicating or been within 500 metres of each other for six months.

However, Hernández and De la Osa got married four months into the restraining order and later travelled together to the Bahamas for a honeymoon. They were subsequently arrested upon their return to Madrid Barajas airport on 13 June, 2017, on a flight from Miami.

Hernández was charged with breaking the restraining order and spent the night in Moratalaz prison in Madrid, judicial sources confirmed. The Public Prosecutor subsequently sought a one-year custodial sentence for Hernández and his lawyers’ appeal was denied since Lucas had already failed to comply with the 31 days of community service imposed on him in 2017. He was ironically released by The Court of Domestic Abuse in Madrid.

The charge that Hernández now faces is not related to the initial assault charges but for having disobeyed the orders of a judge.

Hernández’s lawyers have appealed against the court order and it remains to be seen if the Madrid regional high court upholds it or accepts the appeal, in which case the player will in all likelihood be spared jail.

In any case, Hernández will have to appear in person to learn his fate. If he is ordered to go to jail, it could be that he is released after a few days under the current legal framework, which states that if the courts deny an alternative to prison the person is booked and then, if their appeal is upheld, subsequently released.

In any case, as far as AS has been able to determine, Bayern Munich were completely unaware of this legal process until now, despite Hernández being notified earlier.

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