Lady Apologizes To Nigerian Actor, Justin Ugonna After False Rape Accusations

Didunoluwa Johnson Pleads Mercy Of Influencer Justin Ugonna After Libelous Sexual Assault Allegation Post

The alleged sexual assault by Justin Ugonna on a young victim which was posted in December last year via the Twitter handle of Didunoluwa Johnson has been confirmed to be false. The falsity of the misinformation being posted on Didunoluwa’s Twitter handle was confirmed when she was contacted by Mr. Justin Ugonna and his team who not only denied the allegations but also provided his travel itinerary to show that he was not in the country on the day the rape purportedly took place.

In this regard, Didunoluwa Johnson has officially presented a public apology to Mr. Justin Ugonna, after realising that the evidence which was provided by the victim had been manipulated. Although she had noted that her post was inadvertent, ignorant and in poor judgment. In her public apology she writes, “My name is Didunoluwa Johnson.
Last year December, I posted a story on Twitter about a young girl who said she had been the victim of sexual assault.

According to the victim, on July 30th 2016, a young man named Justin Ugonna, then 20 years old, had statutorily raped her when she was 14.”

“The purported victim sent me screenshots of what appeared to be chats between Justin and the victim.

I took those to be evidence, believed her story and posted it. I am using this medium to apologize once again to Justin and his family for the grief and pain I have caused them.
It was not my intention to malign nor cast aspersions on the character of Justin, as I had no reason to do so

I am sorry”.

Didunoluwa Johnson further noted that she has
suffered immense pain as a result of this incident, received hate mails and death threats which have affected her deeply. She also stated that there are many lessons to be learnt from this misadventure, especially as it’s been learnt in a hard way. She however concluded her statement by noting that she is now better informed, as she deeply regret her action to Justin and his family.

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