KSB Ready For a New Husband At 50

Gospel singer Kenny Saint Best has been separated from her ex-husband Eddy Remedy for 10 years now and it appears KSB who initially declared she would never marry again has had a change of heart.

KSB told Saturday Beats in an interview that she is now very ready for a husband. “I told God that when I am doing my 50th birthday, there must be a man beside me. That is the deal I struck with God. It is exactly ten years that I have been single, so I am ready now. I was waiting for my children to grow and become teenagers so that I would have given them all of my time so that there would not be divided attention between them and the new daddy or husband. Now I am through with all that, I am ready for a new husband,” she said.
KSB added that it’s been God’s grace for her to have been a single mother for a decade.

“It has been the ‘mega’ grace of God for me to do all I am involved with and still be a single mother. I ask myself if I am human sometimes because I combine a lot of things together. As we speak, I am at a rehearsal and before I left home, I had to make lunch, do the laundry and I would still check my children’s homework because their exam is coming up. I cannot afford to delegate duties when it comes to my children. What you want to see in the future is what you put in the picture now, so I can never be too busy for my children and my ministry. I am a church girl to the core. It has been the grace of God,” she added

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