It Took Me 20 Minutes To Wear This Jean Despite Losing Weight – Curvy Actress, Lawal

In as much as we buy tight jeans, we expect it to be less tight on us when we lose weight, but this is not the case of Moyo Lawal. Moyo Lawal is a Nigerian nollywood actress whose fashion sense is way out of this world. From the look of things, she likes rocking beautiful Jean outfits

This morning, she shared pictures of herself in a very lovely Jean outfit, where she made it known to her fans that it took her 20 mins to wear the jeans despite losing weight. This is funny right?

If you give a man power to always feed you , that also gives him the power to starve you . ….. …..

Meanwhile… it took me 20mins to enter this jeans despite the fact that I have lost weight , I am not wearing again … who wants to buy? � I am not dashing anybody… buy �

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