“I’ll Rather Work For My Own Money” – Mike Adenuga’s Son, Paddy Says (Photos)

Paddy Adenuga has said it’s nice having wealthy parents but he’s not to type to claim what’s not his as he’ll rather work for his own money.

Paddy, son of billionaire Nigerian businessman Mike Adenuga, took to his twitter page early today to address rumours influencing the bad things people have to say about him.

There were indeed rumours that he fell out with his father — hence his relocation to the UK a while back and Paddy noted via his twitter page that although it’s nice to have a wealthy father, that money belongs to the actual owner (Mike) and not him.

“It’s nice having wealthy parents, but it’s his money not mine #facts. I’ll never claim somebody else’s money.. I’d rather work for my own”

He continued;

“Anyone that has bad things to say about me either doesn’t know me, listens to rumours, is jealous or a combination of the whole three”

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