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How The ‘The Prostitute’ Movie Nearly Crashed My Marriage – Omotola Jalade

It’s 20 years since the iconic Nollywood actress,
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde made her debut into the
In a recent interview with Encomium Magazine,
Omotola Jala Ekeinde shed light on so many
things ranging from her challenges in the
industry over the past 20 years and she talked
about the controversial movie The Prostitute
which nearly costed her marriage.
Read excerpts below on challenges she has
encountered so far in the industry;
On Challenges encountered.
“When I started out, I got married just about the
same time and started having children. For me,
it was a very big challenge because prior to that
time, I didn’t know any other actor who had done
similar thing that I could call and ask how do I go
about it.
I was also scared of losing my fan base. I was
scared of so many things. I didn’t even know if I
would be able to cope. And I am sure you’re
aware I had my children almost every year
(laughs). So, at a point, I started getting
But it got to a point we started to understand the
job a little more. So, personally, it got to a point I
felt we can push the envelope further than what
we already had in the industry, and my dreams
started going wide.
I started thinking of many ways of changing the
career for the better. So, having to fight my own
battle at a time where practically at that time
there was no industry, was very difficult because
a lot of people didn’t understand what that was
On career being a threat to marriage.
“No, not seriously. At least, it was in a way that
shook my marriage. The only time I would say I
worried was when the movie, The Prostitute came
out. And that was the first major fresh shaking I
It was like a kind of controversy. From the movie
poster to the sex scenes, whatever in that movie
was shot after I left there, but was shot as if I was
the one who did it.
And you know, Nigeria was not ready for that, so
there was a lot of controversies around that. So,
that was the only time I really worried about my
marriage. And to be frank and candid, until my
husband told me he wasn’t bothered, then I had
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has been married to
husband , Captain Mathew Ekeinde for over 18
years now.
Source : Encomium.

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