HILARIOUS PHOTOS:Of How Africans Sit Atop Border Fence In A Desperate Move To Get Into Spain

I dunno y I find this hilarious “Lol” but it is at the same time so heartbreaking,Everyone wanna get “Janded[Go Abroad]” so some of them prefer this way of getting into the foreign countries.

Here are few pictures which depicts how Africans are suffering. These African men sit on top of Moroccan border fence day and night in a desperate bid to get into Spain. The border fence made of barbed wire is about 23ft tall, yet they gently climb on it and stay there all day and night.

Some of them who get frustrated along the line because the police won’t let them in, injure themselves by cutting off their hands or feet and some even falling over the other side in a bid to injure themselves. It’s just heart breaking. Continue below to see more pics. Do you think this is safe? Drop your comments.

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