He Wants To Kill Me With Séx On Our Honeymoon – Wife Cries Out

    And so I stumbled upon this short story on NL this morning and i decide to share with your guys!

    I just wish to share my honeymoon bitter and sweet experience for you and also get inspiration.

    A little Intro to how it all started: So i met this guy during the course of work in my former office and he started chasing me, my colleagues then ask me not to agree that he looks like a player. He looks like one that never get a No for an answer, so me and my colleagues use him to have a good lunch, dinner or whenever we just feel like going to that cinema, he won’t ever dissapoint, he’ll take us there, a year after i left the company but he kept on chasing, so one day i was passing through some difficult times in my career, i felt like resigning but he came to me and advise me wisely, he told me how to tackle the challenges and when i did, it works perfectly so i started liking him, so i called him that we can date if only he will adhere to my conditions, he asked me to list the conditions and i did as stated below:

    1) No s*x
    2) No romance
    3) No Kissing
    Infact no touches.

    He agreed with so much pains in his eyes, but after 6 months of dating, we begin to hug anyway and light kisses.

    But through out the relationship, i was always walking with shoulders held very high up there, thinking that shebi he’s the one begging me, i will scream and always want things done my way.

    For a year, i misbehave alot but after i begin to be the girl he would want me to be, i wasnt really shouting or screaming anymore but i was still so full of pride, but i started loving him very well.

    On the first week of August he proposed, and we got married over 2 weeks ago, the wedding went well everyone was happy but after all the happiness, dancing, eating and greetings by friends and family, i found out later i was left with him in the car and the driver.

    We went into the hotel room that evening and he started answering calls, so i use that opportunity to rush to the bathroom and took my bath, after i finish bathing, lying down on the bed and thinking of how s*x will look like, he tapped my leg and said i should come and bath him, i was like, bath you? how na, he said i should not waste his time, i wanted to say something again and he opened his eyes, the way he has not opened it before so i was scared, i jump off bed to the bathroom and started pouring water on him, he ask if i was in my right senses in a very fierce way, i shake my head saying yes, he said he doesnt think so that if i was i will be unclad by now, so i told him i wasnt going to bath him anymore, i left, went to the bed and lie, he completed the bath and came to meet me in the room.

    He held me and said, yes i married you, he didnt say anything again he just stared at me, then dragged me closer and started kissing me, then he said i should UnCloth him, what was surprising to me though was that his stuff was now 300% bigger than what i saw while i try to bath him, i thought maybe he had used something on it so i started to shift back, he pulled me back and i never knew how powerful he was until that evening, cos his hands just seem to be pulling me like im an ant, at that point i tried to fight him but he practically raped me, i screamed and shouted my life out but it seems he is enjoying the shout so i started to remain calm and then he said hold me, hold me very tight and i remember my mom telling me, do whatever he says to make him happy, so i grabbed him with two hands very tight to my body and as i did, i also started enjoying the s*x so i started calling him baby.

    After the first round, it was like i had an accident, i was so tired i couldnt stand up, i couldnt even hold a paper i was breathing fast, it felt like i will die, i ask him to get me lucozade or something to regain my energy, he gave me drink and i just wanted to sleep off, he came waking me up and wanted to start another thing, i screamed at him and he said look at me very well, you see all that up shoulder you use to display while we were dating? you’ve got to drop it at the wedding reception because if you take it to the wedding, you will just be crying, do you know how many years you make me impotent, should i analyse the insult you gave me and all of that, now respect yourself, stand up and do the needful.

    Fear crib me like i have made a mistake, i cried and ran down to the bed to UnCloth he said no way, now i want it standing, i tried to imagine how somebody will stand to have s*x but before i could finish thinking, he’s dragged me out of bed and there it goes, painful and annoying i was just crying.

    After he finished that, i went on my knee to beg him for forgivenness for all the shout and scream i use to shout at him that i was ready to make a new turn, he said fine, that the new turn will mean that i will now respect and do everything he wants me to, i said yes i will do.

    Then he said, come on suck this, you won’t imagine what he ask me to suck cry, how in the world can a husband be so wicked cry cry

    I said not this, he said ok, seems you are not ready to comply, he came for me and i bit him, fought him, he allowed me beat him after i finish beating him, he raped me and its really hurting me like i want to die.

    Now everyday he made me suck him, all the bad things one could dream of is what he likes, if he ask me to do something and i refuse he wont beat me, instead he will come for me and rape me.

    I am so tired, i don’t know why one man will want to have s*x up to countles times in a day, i was just wondering.


    He finds joy in doing it and am so pained, is he going to change, should i report him to our pastor or my parent?

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