Guardiola Charged By UEFA For Wearing T-Shirts (See Why)

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola has been charged by UEFA after wearing a t-shirt in a news conference before Tuesday’s Champions League victory over Porto demanding justice for a journalist who died during the World Cup.

Argentine sports reporter Jorge Lopez, known as ‘Topo’, was killed in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo in July in a road accident during last year’s tournament.

Guardiola wore a t-shirt with the slogan ‘#JusticiaParaTopo’ ahead of Bayern’s 6-1 quarter-final, second leg win and was charged on Wednesday by European soccer’s governing body for
an “incident of non-sporting nature”.

It was initially reported that Lopez was killed after his taxi was hit by a stolen car fleeing police, but suspicions have since been raised about the accident and there has been a campaign to investigate his death.

Porto boss Julian Lopetegui was also charged in the wake of their 7-4 aggregate defeat for being dismissed from the bench.

Both cases will be dealt with by UEFA’s disciplinary body on May 21.

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