”God Will Punish Maje Ayida!!!!” – Fans Curse & Rally Round to Support Toke Makinwa

So last night,  news broke that the worst thing that can happen to a passionately hard working woman that is ALSO married has happened to Toke Makinwa. Nobody can deny the passion this lady has for her job, the passion that she has to change her life going from an orphan who had nothing to a woman with everything. Toke was on a mission to change her life and lives around her and not be dependent on men!!

So last night, news broke that the man she waited 12 years to get married to has impregnated another woman he has been with for 8 years! And not just that but that Anita Solomon is already in the UK to have her baby.

According to Stella Dimokokorkus,
I made calls to confirm the status of this story and my informant says: 
”Stella it’s so true!!!!!!!! 100% confirmed. Anita is in UK to have Maje’s baby. I visited her Aunty and they confirmed she’s pregnant for a married man from Delta,one Maje.They are so disappointed in her because he left her and got married to Toke and came back to side chick her. Family say they dated for about 8years….”

People are now judging Toke because of her vlogs on how to keep a man and how she wasn’t able to keep her own man. How she was gallivanting round the world and left her man with no one to warm his bed most nights. This is so shocking and more painful when you realize it can happen to ANYONE! All you have to do is be a woman with a very demanding job you really love. Nigerian Twitter is up in flames with the craziest memes of Toke but Toke’s true fans have now rallied round to support her while cursing her husband.

Read what they wrote after the cut.

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