Fuel Scarcity!!! Black Market Increases In Kwara, Oyo Fuel Price Hits #300 Per Litre


The worsening fuel scarcity has increased the activities of illegal petrol sellers, otherwise called black market, in Ilorin and environs of Kwara State.

It was observed that the illegal petrol sellers now sell a jerry can of petrol which previously sold at N3,000 for N6,000.

There were very long queues of motorists and buyers in a few petrol stations that were still selling petrol in Ilorin.

Also frustrated buyers sat down at some of the filling stations that were not selling in the hope that they could start selling.

The scarcity of fuel paved way for light traffic on most of the roads in the state capital as many car owners either stayed indoors or did not go out with their cars.

Transport fares have also risen to between 75 per cent and 100 per cent depending on the passengers’ bargaining power.

Our correspondent at Oyo State confirmed that a litre of fuel in black market is now #300.

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