EndSARS: Sowore Deserves Better Than What He Got In Abuja – Opinion

It’s really disappointing to see how the protesters in Abuja treated Sowore. This guy has literally been fighting the government of Nigeria and has tried his best to stir the people to take matters into their hands and protest. He was even locked up for the cause.


He joined politics to try to fight them but yet some Nigerians are against him. They tagged him “just like every other politician”. He’s not like others. He went in there to fight them. Let’s not lose sight of that. He might have made some errors just like everyone of us. But time and time again, he always stood by the people. He never turned on the people but now that he and several others have succeeded in waking the sleeping giant, the people are trying to turn against him.


In as much as you might have something against him, at least, show the man some respect. He has done enough to warrant it and he shouldn’t be treated like that.


Sowore, “forgive them for they know not what they do,” and don’t loose faith in the people. We need you in this fight wether we like it or not. Keep up the good work and don’t let this little hiccup deter you. There are a lot more people that support you and will continue to support you. Your service is appreciated.


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