Drake Responds to Meek Mill Shade

After Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend threw some major shade at the Toronto rapper last night alleging ghost writers pen his raps for him, fans have been anxiously awaiting his response. However, Drake didn’t really need to say anything – his friends and fans did most of the talking for him.

In fact, one of his friends named Hitman Holla (Gerald Fulton Jr.) took to Twitter and Instagram to publicly slam Meek Mill. He also reached out to Drake via private message to let him know he has his back.

Drake’s response? Some praise hands emojis (duh) with a quick slay of the truth: “I signed up for greatness. This comes with it.”

Drake hasn’t publicly addressed the feud yet, but as we said before, his fans have done enough to back him up. We’re guessing he’ll just put it to rest – that is, of course, unless Meek Mill keeps running his mouth. Then we’re hoping Drake will silence him in a new song.

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