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Congratulations To The Icons As Laycon Wins The Big Brother Naija 2020

The Big Brother Naija Show has finally been concluded after 71 days of dramatic showdown in the House.

Housemates keep leaving on a weekly basis and favourites were stepping out. Neo, Nengi, Dorathy, and Laycon all battled it out for the top spot in the final week and just one person stood out from the league.

Viewers are so curious to know who would be crowned this year’s BBN winner. All finalists looked to be possible winners considering how influential they’ve been during their time in the Big Brother’s House. Ebuka was right there again on the grand finale to announce the winner of the Show in his usual dramatic fashion.

He kept everyone hanging as he skips trying to pronounce the winner’s name. Eventually, he calls the name and it was no other Housemate than Laycon.

#BBNaija2020 Winner: Laycon

Right from the early stages of the Show, the fans of Laycon tagged ICONS have shown great consistency in presenting their favourite to the world. They’ve done an amazing job to secure a massive #85million for him.

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However, this seems to be just the beginning for Laycon as he prepares to exploit the platform the Show has given to him to thrive in the Nigerian Music Industry. Congratulations to a great personality! Congratulations to Laycon!

The BBNaija reality show was and will still be a platform to showcase one’s talents, realize your future goals, relate with unknown people and as well struggle for a main purpose – 85 million naira.

The BBNAIJA Season 5 edition has been wrapped up and we will miss so many housemates who made their stays memorable by entertaining us, teaching us the true nature behind being together and focused.

Laycon has been crowned the winner of the show after winning with a massive fanbase who have supported all his actions, boldness, courage and zeal in all his activities.

Laycon was in fear as he thought he would loose it out to Dorathy but grace found Laycon and thus earning him the grand prize. Before leaving, Ebuka asked Laycon of his experience with Erica and he replied that he hadn’t been in such state before. He added that this was his first time to experience that.

Let’s hail Laycon for winning this great feat.

Please click here to read the full programme and wish Laycon well in his music career and life as well.

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