Chris Brown Gets His Probation Revoked in Rihanna Case

Earlier this week, Chris Brown had to deal with a
shooting at one of his promo nightclub shows in
San Jose which wounded five people, and now
this: Because of his presence at those shootings,
his probation in the Rihanna case has been
revoked by an L.A. judge yesterday (Jan. 15) and
his probation officials think he should serve some
Brown attended a progress report check in,
where the judge listed all violations in his
probation, including the San Jose shootings last
week, the fact that Brown left the county for San
Jose (which is a violation of his probation), and
another shooting at an event hosted by Brown at
1OAK during VMA weekend last August.
Even though the judge brought up there’s no
evidence of Brown being involved with the
shootings, his probation officer told the judge that
there’s concern of a potential shooting when and
wherever he performs, as he said, “There is also
concern that when he performs or attends at
some of his public events, people will get shot or
seriously injured.” The P.O. officer also brought up
the fact that Brown has been locked up twice (for
the D.C. assault and damage to his mother’s car
in 2013), and has been focused more on his
career than his community service obligations,
hence, deserving of serving time in prison.
A formal hearing will be held on March 20.

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