BADDEST! British Man Set World Record By Pulling 14 Cars

Abeg,what won’t people do to break records or get their name in the book of records? Seriously,have been thinking of breaking one though.   A British man pulled 14 cars a distance of 18 feet and 2 inches to break a world record and raise money for a cancer charity. 

Simon Plant, 42, of Findern, England, pulled a rope attached to 14 Ford Fiestas at Motorpoint in Derby Wednesday and moved the line of cars 18 feet and 2 inches to break the world record of pulling 12 cars a distance of 15 feet. 

The cars had a combined weight of about 22 tons. Plant said the pull was his third attempt at the world record. “I wasn’t going to give up.

We all have goals in life and if you keep pushing and pushing you’ll get there,” he said after the attempt. “It was a tough challenge but thankfully it was a case of third time lucky. I feel brilliant although I’m going to have a lie down now, I think. I’m shattered!” Plant previously held a world record 11 years ago when he pulled a 30-ton truck a distance of 100 feet. What do you think you can also do? Drop your coments below.

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