Baby Born With 4 Legs And 4 Hands Operated [Must See]

According to where i got the news, A baby who was born with four hands and four feet has been successfully operated in a hospital in south China’s Guangdong province.

According to the chief surgeon at Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Centre , he said- “They were supposed to be twins, but one had underdeveloped and became deformed.” he added that youngster had actual normal limbs but it also has an extra pair of arms and legs coming out from his abdomen.

The father of the baby, Mr. Chen said;”I have taken my son to different hospitals locally but none have been able to give me reasons for my child’s deformity. He however blamed himself for neglecting his wife during pregnancy period. “I only cared about my work. I just thought of making money instead of taking her to hospital for a medical checkup”. Mr Chad lamented.

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