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AY: Why I Flaunt My Cars And House

Comedian AY has given the reason why she flaunts his house and cars.

The comedian made this revelation when a follower questioned him for showing off and tried to school him on why billionaires like Dangote and Otedola don’t do same.

AY, while trying to defend himself, mentioned that he is into entertainment and such is needed.

Read his full post:

THE REASON THEM DANGOTE WILL NOT DO IT… First things first, you must always remember that @aycomedian is in the business of entertainment. More so, entertainment on the other hand is any activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time, and may also provide fun, enjoyment, and laughter. In other words i can create my own entertainment by spontaneously inventing ideas; or participate actively in any activity you may find entertaining.

If we are going to be honest with ourselves, we should admit that some of us go into show business wanting people to talk about us and wanting everyone to know who we are and the things we can do. But that also does not take away the fact that there are a whole bunch of people who will still not like us. No matter how we try.

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