Americans Chant “Bleep You Biden” As President’s Approval Rating Drops

F*** Joe Biden’ chants ring out in college football stadiums: Southern chant spreads north as Mets and Yankees fans join in to slam the President

In one video, the chants interrupted a studio hosting a panel of commentators
The chants even spread to professional sports, uniting Mets and Yankees fans
Biden’s approval is at a low 45.8 percent, compared to a high of 55 in January
Donald Trump, Jr. blames the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal for the chants
He also cited Biden’s new vaccine rules for large employers and federal workers
‘It’s gotten so bad that the media can’t run cover for him anymore,’ he said
A profane chant mocking Joe Biden broke out at college football games for the second straight week in stadiums across Southern states as the president’s approval ratings dip following the chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan and his controversial vaccine mandate for federal workers.

The F*** Joe Biden shouts echoed throughout stadiums during games played by Coastal Carolina, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Alabama State, Mississippi State, North Carolina State and Texas A&M.

Twitter users pointed out that the protest chant – with the simple lyrics ‘f*** Joe Biden’ sung between claps – are mostly from colleges in states that Donald Trump won in the 2020 election.

Donald Trump Jr. attributed the derogatory protest on everything from Biden’s chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal to the new vaccine rules and rising inflation as the economy recovers from COVID-19 shutdowns.

‘Honestly, it’s gotten so bad that the media can’t run cover for him anymore,’ Trump Jr. told David Hookstead of the Daily Caller on Saturday.

When you look at Afghanistan, and I can go through 50 points on it, but $65 to $80 billion of equipment left to our enemies, giving them a kill list of American citizens, giving them the biometric scanners to still do that, pulling out the military before you pulled out civilians, telling them you’re giving up all of your leverage to a terrorist group, the Taliban, and then going back to negotiating after you’ve given them everything they could possibly want.’

On the new vaccine rules, Trump, Jr. said: ‘It’s a little bity crazy. None of this lines up – the whole, “my body my choice,” except for when the government mandates something – it doesn’t work, but no one’s calling out the hypocrisy.’

Video posted by Old Row Sports shows fans of Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C., laughing in the stands as the ‘f*** Joe Biden’ chants break out.

In one video, the chanting interrupted a panel of commentators recording at a studio above a stadium.

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