36HYPE MEDIA MEETS Raymond akpos - Read full story.  - 36HYPE™

36HYPE MEDIA MEETS Raymond akpos – Read full story. 

Mctkoy : Good morning  bro? 

Raymond akpos : morning  sir

Mctkoy : how you doing? 

Raymond akpos : Fine boss

Mctkoy : who do we have here? 

Raymond akpos  : your one and only Raymond akpos 

Raymond akpos  : is dat your real name? 

Raymond akpos : yea bro, just shorten it. 

Mctkoy : so whats the full name

Raymond akpos  : raymond akporogheneobo omoavworiowho

Mctkoy : hmmmm.. This name looks scaring*lolz…. 

Raymond akpos  : lolz boss… 

Mctkoy : Sorry with this your long names. Which state are you from
Raymond akpos  : Delta State 

Mctkoy : which school do you graduated from?

Raymond akpos  : music is my own University now..  

Mctkoy : smile… Street dey Ja money 

Raymond akpos  : lolz yea Oga mi. 

Mctkoy : Sorry to ask.. You married or single 

Raymond akpos  :I’m married with Kid.  

Mctkoy : What do you do in Entertainment 

Raymond akpos  : Am a singer 

Mctkoy : wow lovely 

Mctkoy : how long have you been a singer 

Raymond akpos  :I started as a singer in 2010.

Mctkoy : thats good

Mctkoy : which top artistes  have you worked  with? 

Raymond akpos :I have worked with various top artistes such as Terry G, samklef, indomix.

Mctkoy : gud work

Raymond akpos  : thanks  sir

Mctkoy : which year did you drop your first single? 

Raymond akpos  : 2014.

Mctkoy : who produced it? 

Raymond akpos  : sucksy Beatz  

Mctkoy : you drop a song not quiet long titled “mama” what brings the song and tittle 

Raymond akpos : yea like I said before my first single was 2014..and still that song I kept on pushing till date, was dedicated to my lovely mother.  

Mctkoy : how was the response  of the song from your fans

Raymond akpos  : Super good

Mctkoy : before you started signing who inspired you

Raymond akpos  : I grew up in a music home, my father was a choir master, and my mum head a cultural group dance wish I was part of. 

Mctkoy : should i say your dad and mum inspired you. 

Raymond akpos  : yea boss., apart from them listening to Akon helps me discovered my talent and build me. 

Mctkoy : Good 
Mctkoy : What happened since 2014,you havent drop any song? 

Raymond akpos  : things went down, and   wanted to give my fans good music not just music. 

Mctkoy : God is in control.. But now you Ready to storm the industry 

Citiboi : yea sir. 

Mctkoy : Do you think your fans would still love to hear you

Raymond akpos  : My TRUE fans will never give up on me. 

Mctkoy : alryt bro.. You believed in them so much 

Raymond akpos : yea boss.. And now they will love more. 

Mctkoy : how? 

Raymond akpos : am dropping two dope singles soon

Mctkoy : great

Raymond akpos : yea boss 

Mctkoy  :  before we go make a shout out 

 Raymond akpos : One love to all my fans out there, my true friends, my family, and thanks to GOD almighty for his mercy… love you all @iamraymondakpos say so

Mctkoy : nice having you here

Raymond akpos  : thanks so much… Boss God bless you 

Mctkoy  : you are Welcome bro. 

Mctkoy : bye… Till next tym, we bring you another artist!!!  Same station.. I remain my humble Self @Mctkoy.. 

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