10 Weird Things Females Apply To Their Hair

It’s funny how our dear females go to the
extreme to making their hair look good.
And you know-having a good hair may
translate to having a good look.
You ask me! Because, they will have varieties
of hairstyle to do with their ever fabulous
Some of the things females include to their
hair that still gave me a cracked rib of late
1. Egg.
Both the egg yolk and egg white are added
for conditioning the hair, steaming, and the
egg white is specially added for scalp coating.
2. Yogurt.
If I say yogurt, you say yummy. Yogurt, …
Yes, but the case is different here. Females,
some, Bottom yogurt to strip away dirt, and
to moisturise the lovely hair.
3. Lemon juice.
I won’t be surprise if I see tomorrow that
females are now adding apple, mango or
guava juice. Well, lemon juice is added to rid
scalp of any loose and dry flakes of skin.
4. Beer.
Beer, shocked! When guys and babes use
beer to chill. But, to my utmost shock,
females also use it to plump tired tresses in
5. Honey.
Not really surprised about this one? Hun! But,
am still surprised, or maybe curious how the
sweet-thick liquid that glitters my tea and
pap can be use to attract and locks in
moisture in hair.
6. Cornmeal.
Another one here. It is use to remove oil and
7. Avocado.
*lol* Applied to smoothing and weighing
down unruly hair.
8. Baking Soda.
Oga ooo. A vital ingredient in baking is now
apply to breakdown acidic in their hair.
9. Condom.
The most weirdest on the list. They use it to
hld some bulb hair in place. Serve,
sometimes, in place of hair pin.
10. Fire and Hot water
Can you imagine the kind of danger these
females go through just to look good? I
sometimes pity them. Fire is sometimes use
to hold the tip of hair, especially braids.
Whereas, hot water is use to soften, or to
compress it.
Final thought: I foresee an era, in the future,
where our sweet, sexy and yummy females
will start using:
A. Sugar.
Probably to make the hair very sweet
B. Pad.
Probably to pack the hair so that excess
ingredients like oil, pink oil, 9/11 and the likes
won’t evaporate easily.
C. Tracker.
Guys will put trackers to know if a man
touches the hair, and the price of the hair. I
believe this will limit scam.
*please add yours*

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