Zimbabwe President Survives Assassination Attempt (Read Details)

According to reports, the African leader was almost killed in an explosion while at a rally in Bulawayo.

The Guardian UK quotes local media as saying that security personnel, several ministers and probably the vice-president were hurt in the blast inside the White City stadium on Saturday, June 23.

The president himself confirmed the attack in a tweet on his official Twitter handle He tweeted: Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba, told local media that the assassination attempt is already being investigated.

“Investigations are under way and more details will be given to the public. There have been multiple attempts on the president’s life over the past five years,” he said.

President of Zimbabwe


This afternoon, as we were leaving a wonderful rally in Bulawayo, there was an explosion on the stage. Several people were affected by the blast, and I have already been to visit them in the hospital.

4:42 PM – Jun 23, 2018


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