Youth Now Adays

Youth Now Adays

On my Way Going to Lagos this morning, Thinking About About Why youth find it so hard to Earn A Good Living . One of the reasons why a lot of youth cannot meet up to standard is because So Many People believe so much in Education. Education is Good fine , but is the Economy Encouraging?

Our parents , most Especially our fathers wants us to go to school, not knowing the opportunity the Graduates of there time get is 100 percent better than ours because , just few people go to school, most of them engage in Vocational jobs. So there is job availability for the graduates , Especially the ones with Good grades.

But now There lot of people working , no vacancy in most companies , Even the ones that want to leave already have somebody they want to put . The only Graduates of this days that get employment and get good pay are the ones that take over there father’s companies or ones that there guidians have links .

Are our hands Equal?

I can boldly say Education in Nigeria is not more Valuable because , school just seems to be a place to go and get certificate and keep it This days .

Nysc will pay you for a year fine , How much? After that one year , won’t you have bills to pay .

My Advice to youth now Adays is to be ” Creative ” . “Your skill without work will be killed and your skill with work and God is fulfilled .”

Do Something New today’s , Even most upcoming Artist cannot get to limelight today because they are doing what somebody else has done . Some of them sing like wizkid , olamide , davido and co .

Work on your skill and do something New, something Diffrent . Be A Great Thinker , let your Intellect pay you and make you A Great Man.

There are Successful Tailors’s , welder’s , Mc’s ,Dj’s , chef’s, bloggers and More.

Think wisely and make money .

Or continue focusing on Education and don’t Develop A skill 😂😂.

Tho Education is The Best legacy .

Ashaolu Taiwo . ( 36HYPE )

Twitter & I G : MrAshaoluTwizzy

Education is not the key to success it just ” Part of The keys to Success ” .

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