Your wife or your mother who comes first – drop your comments 

“God cannot be everywhere, so he created Mothers”. – Anonymous.

OK. The females might get riled up with this article but if we all just take off the veil of our sentimental dispositions, we’d end up seeing that there’s a lot of truth in this.

There’s hardly any man that doesn’t have a soft spot for his mother. There are lots of reasons why some men love their mothers more than they can ever love their wives because if there’s anyone we can turn ourselves to no matter how old we are or where we are, that person is no other than our mothers.

Well, the truth is we would be spending the rest of our lives with our girlfriends and wives but there are a lot of reasons why our mothers still have a couple of things ahead of our wives. And at the end of this article, you’d probably agree that our mothers come right after the creator.


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