These are the top three lies women tell men

​Women lie just as much as men lie but only to avoid conflict. Men lie for whatever reason, even when it is completely unnecessary. The truth is even though no one will like to admit meet it, women lie through their teeth. They are so good at lying that it is difficult for them to be caught except when caught in the act they want to lie about.

Dishonesty is a part of human nature and both men and women tell lies in a situation where they believe the truth will do more harm than good.
1. Money isn’t a problem

Most women would rather marry for love than money, but one common lie women tell men is that money doesn’t matter at all. A woman will place love above anything but complete lack of money or dipping financials is always a problem especially when basic needs can’t be met. No matter how reasonable she is about your “brokeness,” a day will come when she will realize she doesn’t need to stay with your broke ass and she can hold her own.

2. I am not jealous

This is one of the most common lie women tell in order not too seem uncool or too clingy and insecure. When a man is checking out another female, the first reaction is a tight knot in her heart but this only happens if she really cares about the guy in question.

3. That was great

Many women over exaggerate their bedroom experience with a guy to make him feel better. Only skilled men can tell when a lady has thoroughly enjoyed their intimate time with them. Others just go by what their women tell them and half the time, she is just lying about how much you really put it down.

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