REVEALED: Why Nigeria Is Destined To Fail – Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode,
says Nigeria has been destined to fail since its
creation by the British in 1914. He said the British
created Nigeria such that the ‘poor North’ would
continue to rule while the ‘rich South’ will remain
He said, “The Nigeria that they (British) handed
over to us in 1960 was nothing but an unworkable
artificial state and a poisoned chalice. It was
destined to fail right from the outset.
“Worse still, they handed us that poisoned chalice
with a malicious and mischievous intent and
without any recourse to our people in terms of any
form of a national referendum.”
Fani-Kayode said this in an online post titled, “The
9th Earl of Bathrust and the Nigerian State.”
He said shortly before independence, the British
gave the North permanent rule.
Fani-Kayode, said what the British did in Nigeria
was replicated in other countries like India and
Sudan, adding that those countries had since
divided having woken up politically.
He said it was regrettable that Nigerians had failed
to take their destinies into their own hands.
He added, “The British did the same thing in
varying degrees when they left virtually each and
every one of their other third world colonies.
The most obvious cases, however, were Nigeria,
Sudan, India and the nation that was formerly
known as Malaya.
“Every one of these four countries had monumental
problems with sustaining their unity after
independence and all of them, with the exception
of Nigeria, were compelled to breakup into smaller
entities before they could bring out the best in
themselves as a people and fully exercise their
human potential.
“Consequently, India broke up into three and
became India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; the Sudan
broke into two and became Southern Sudan and the
Sudan and Malaya broke into two and became
Malaysia and Singapore. Nigeria has yet to find the
courage and fortitude to go that far and whether we
will eventually break up or not remains to be seen.”
Fani-Kayode said if the terms of the ‘marriage’
between the North and the South were not
reviewed, there could be further crisis.
He added, “The result of the amalgamation was
predictable. It was either the ‘poor husband’ (the
North) would fully subjugate and eventually kill
the ‘rich wife’ (the South) or the ‘rich wife’ would
fully subjugate and eventually kill the ‘poor
husband’. And we are right in the middle of that
struggle for mutual subjugation till today.”
The Peoples Democratic Party chieftain said the
only way to address the “unfair” arrangement was a
complete devolution of powers. He said Nigeria
must embrace true federalism.

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