Pastor Anita Oyakhilome writes about abusive relationships and marriages

In a post on her blog titled ‘There is always
something to be thankful for’, pastor Anita
Oyakhilome, who filed for divorce from the
founder of Christ Embassy, Chris
Oyakhilome, on April 9, 2014 on the grounds
of “unreasonable behaviour” talks about
abusive relationships and marriages.
She began with a quote from American
actor, Michael J. Fox “One’s dignity may be
assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked,
but it can never be taken away unless it is
surrendered.”. See what she wrote after the
She wrote:
After an abusive relationship or
marriage, there is no doubt you will
have feelings of deep sorrow for a
long time, which could go on for
possibly months or even years. These
feelings will come and go periodically
as you reflect and you remember
things from the past that would make
you feel distressed.
You may be inundated with
disappointments, which may lead you
to voice your regrets, especially
coming across certain people or a
person. Several Instances could cause
flashbacks and bring back thoughts of
regret such as; signing a contract,
making a decision, joining an
organization, trusting people, buying a
property. Also your mind would
question why you hung unto a dead
marriage or stayed in an abusive
relationship. Don’t stay in that
condition for too long.
Regrets will only aggravate your
feelings. Forget about the things you
cannot change and focus on being
thankful. Don’t put your life on hold,
rather plan what you would like to
accomplish in one week, one month,
three months and in a year’s time.
See the silver lining in the cloud. You
may struggle to find or observe that
flicker of light emerging out of the
darkness but give yourself time to
recover from that shocking hopeless
experience, then thank God for
making you strong enough to walk
away from the abuse.
The situation might be tough, with
burdensome chains, but you will get
better. You can rise up to the
challenge and improve yourself.
Something good will come out of your
situation. You will become a stronger
and more productive person when you
learn from your experience and use
your knowledge to improve yourself
for new prospects ahead. “I want my
life to bring comfort to others and I
am on that journey now thankfully.”
Every ending is really a new beginning
for beautiful opportunities ahead.

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