Naijatruthtalk: Exclusive Interview With Harex @Datharexboi By Ada

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Ada speak»Ada speak» Harex is a leading artist and one of the funny cute face in Nigeria
Q :please introduce yourself?
Harex: Am Olaitan sanni sodik heard from oyo state ogbomosho to be precise

Q:so tell us,how did you land into Music?
Harex:Actually I wouldn’t say I have been in the music industry for long but I just find myself freestlying on beats in the year 2010 that was how it all started

Q:We are glad to meet you. Your brand over the years has been a force in the INDUSTRY in NIGERIA. What is solely responsible for this? Can we hear THE HAREX STORY”?
Harex:Well it has been God althrough not by my power.

Q:so tell me how u get ur inspiration in music?
Harex:My inspiration comes when ever am in the studio listening to classic tunez

Q:Tell us more about your music in NIGERIA?
Harex:My music in nigeria? Lol,it hasn’t been easy but I Thank God today because am doing very well and I still have more good songs to offer my fans…

QAre u in any RECORD LABEL?
Harex:No RECORD deal for now

Q: okay…. any MANAGENMENT?
Harex: Am the one managing and pushing my career….so no management

Q:How many tracks do you have?
Harex:I have couple of tracks like *insane,ajike and asiko to mention fe
Q:Any featuring artist?
Harex:Yes,I featured Shuntee (the microphone militant) on *Asiko

Q:Apart from music what else do you do?
Harex:Nothing else but music

Q:Your home and music how do you cope with them?
Harex:When it comes to my home issues I face them likewise my music also,they aint disturbing eachother…*smiles*

Q: Now tell us about your education background?
Harex:am not currently in school due to some rea sons personally known by me *lol* or maybe lemme say I want to chase the muller first *laughs*

Q:Tell us your favorite hang sport?
Harex:Clubs and pool sides

Q:Are you in any relationship?
Harex:Yes offcourse

Q: Wow…so can we know her?
Harex: Lol,you gonna know her very soon because she’s the shy type and she will get mad at me if I mention her name on here…

Q:Lolz… what are you working on presently now?
Harex: Am working on my new jam #Mujo(dance) it will be dropping on the 23rd of may

Q:*fist* any video?
Harex:No video yet

Q:Thanks for giving us your time?
Harex:You are always welcome
God bless you guys keep the great work move #SonOfLife says so….am out

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  1. tajudeen

    Molete1stSon neh…#MujoMustBlow

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    Awwwww hiz Very cute,can I hav ur pin plzzzzz #trippin

  3. alamni

    HarexSonoflyf,star boy in the making

  4. mrkezo

    nice1 man,we look forward to DL *mujo* oshey Asiko crooner

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