Linda Ikeji Reveals The Total Number Of Cars She Has Bought For People

Linda Ikeji has tapped on the motivational side of herself, and has taken time to enjoin her her followers on social media to take the path of success by working really hard to earn it.

In her latest post Instagram, Linda Ikeji, as her custom is, has once again encourage her followers to not be discouraged when things are going wrong but keep moving till things get bright.

First she share this epic throwback photo above, then she went ahead to tell the story behind the photo.

Read below:-

“I bought this car in 2007. It cost 700k back then but I made a down payment of 350k to pay the remaining 3 months later. After 3 months, I’d been able to pay only 100k of the remaining 350k & the car owner came to my house one day to seize the car. Lol.

I can laugh now but it wasn’t funny back then. I remember my dad followed me to the man’s house to beg for him to return it to me and give me more time.

The man refused. So I was carless for about 2 months but because I knew how important having a car was to my business (I was always running around), I knew it was top priority to raise the balance.

“I had a modeling agency back then and so I started going to bother all the ad agencies owing me money. I became a nuisance at their offices…lol.

Before I’d wait for them to call and ask me to come collect my cheque but now, I wanted the money now now. Some managed to give me, some didn’t but I was finally able to raise the 250k balance & got my car back.

“Fast forward to 5 years later. Between 2012 to 2018, I’ve probably bought about 15 cars for family, friends and staff. And none was 700k…lol.

“Seeing this photo again brought back memories and reminded me of how God works. And how your life can change from not having enough to having so much, you can share with others.

“You life can change for the better in an instant and that instant can last forever. Just remember to always hold on to God. He’s watching. He’s seeing your struggles and one day, He’ll hold your hands and never let go. .

“God is holding my hand so much right now that I was able to solely finance from advertising money made from another platform he blessed me with…lindaikejisblog. All the crazy equipment we have, studios, office, mansion, content, manpower etc was solely financed 100% by LIB.

“God works in ways we sometimes don’t understand! He can make you wait. I waited for 14 years. He hasn’t forgotten you. Be patient. He listens.

He’s watching. And He will eventually come to hold your hands when it’s your turn. And when he does, your life will never be the same. Just never stop believing in Him. Your time is near. I declare God’s enormous blessings into your life. Say amen!”

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