Headies 2016 To Hold December 22 At Eko Convention Centre

The Headies 2016 nominees list across various categories have been greeted with quite a number of controversies as has usually been the norm.

Some artists called out the organisers for not getting any nod while some were disappointed not being nominated in a particular category while some quarter felt they had overgrown a particular category they were nominated in.

The Headies no doubt can’t claim to be perfect all in all, however they have come out to defend the part about some acts not getting a chance to be nominated, explaining that those artists did not submit entries on time as at when they were eligible to be shortlisted.

Nonetheless, the Headies 2016 promises to be exciting and rewarding for the deserving.

Mark your calendars and head over to theheadies.com for more updates building up to the show.

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