#36HYPEAWARD2015: Category & How to Norminate Your self!

Everybody is a Boss.

EncourageMent is the Best Motivation to Success. The 36HYPE AWARD is a Platform That Encourages Upcomming and Very HardWorking Youth and Entertainers in The Industry.

We Have Been on This for 3Years Now and we have been,recording Success and Improvement.

The 36hype Award Is Made up of Diffrent Categories and Nominee’s and will be Announced on The Site Soon..

NOTE: The Award has Just Been An Online Award but Might be celebrated This year .

Nominee’s List Drops July 1st!


    New Music Artist
    Best Promoter
    Best Dj
    Best Graphics designer
    36Hype Best Song of the year
    Best Song
    Best Vocal artist
    Best Producer
    Star Artist of the year

    To Nominate : Send The Category you nominating for and Name to ilove36hype@gmail.com


    New Music Artist- a
    Best Promoter- b
    Best Dj- c
    Best Graphics designer-d
    36Hype Best Song of the year-e
    Best Song-g
    Best Vocal artist-h
    Best Producer-i
    Star Artist of the year-j

    To ilove36hype@gmail.com

    Note :Those Alphabeth represent The Names Nominated

    Nomination Starts Now.

    Best Of Luck

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